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Japanese Impoliteness


It is an ordinary thing for Japanese, but there are a lot of insane things for foreign persons.
However, I don't noticed that it is strange.
The other day I watched on a TV program; it was seeing the reaction of foreign persons to a Japanese action.Japanese people usually sniffle, because we won't blow our nose in front of other people.
Japanese people are more ashamed of blowing their nose in front of people, than sniffling.
And there is one reason.
Japanese people are shy...But, Japanese people understand this action is a bad habit.
Of course, Japanese also blow their nose but only in the presence of no one else.
Japanese also find some of the actions of foreigners strange too.
Such as blowing their nose between their fingers and blowing their nose with a handkerchief.
Japanese people however, use a tissue instead of a handkerchief.
Japanese men and women have a handkerchief to use to wipe hands.
Most Japanese people feel bad if there was a handkerchief, that was used to wipe their nose, in their pocket.
Of course we feel worse about them blowing their nose between their fingers.
But, we have to understand that there are many other cultures
Japanese beliefs and customs are not necessarily what the rest of the world believe in.
I'm sorry that Japanese people are strange.
But don't hate Japanese people...
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